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Amitié Franco-Philippine en Midi-Pyrénées
Forum des Langues PDF Print E-mail
Written by roda hebrard   
Tuesday, 29 April 2014 22:56

For the first time, our association is participating in a forum called "Forom des Langues du Monde 2014." Kindly check the complete details on the flyers posted below. Please feel free to share this communication with your friends, colleagues, and family.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 April 2014 13:32
Thanking the Typhoon Haiyan Donors PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 22 January 2014 21:37

It was just a few weeks after AFPMP gave donations to some of the members whose family and friends in the Philippines have been affected by a strong 7.1 magnitude earthquake, when another strong deadly calamity called typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) hit the country. The earthquake donation has also been extended to an association in the Philippines.

The very first thing that the Filipino community in France thought of doing was praying. Another rosary vigil has been made to offer to the victims of this typhoon. The same thing has been previously done offering a prayer to the victims of the earthquake.

Financial support was then given to members who seek help for their families back home and to two associations that are distributing food reliefs and are rebuilding houses. As a huge need of financial assistance has been felt, AFPMP asked the help of the other members and the French public to collect more financial aid to send to our fellowmen back home.

Touched by the daily headline news and with the help of the published posters, our association has gathered a big amount from plenty different donors and a few ressources totalling to 2393 euros.

It has been timely when a Forum of Associations was held in Capitol where AFPMP, though still a small association, has been offered to join so as to possibly ask more help. This has been made possible with the assistance of Virlanie - a foundation helping Filipino street children in the Philippines - who shared their rented space with us. We then came up with quick simple ideas as to what to sell during this forum. Cultural items were donated by some Filipino members. There were also cute hand-made star lanterns. Postcards and bookmarks saying "Les Philippines vous remercient" (The Philippines thank you) have been created by another donor featuring copyright photos of a member with printing fees also been offered. On this day during the forum, aside from some earnings from the items sold, we have also received cheque and cash amounts from certain concerned donors.

On other income, AFPMP yearly sells raffle tickets as a fund-raising activity. As an extension of help, some of the proceeds have also been shared as donations for the typhoon victims.

With all these collected financial aids including parts of the sales of the raffle tickets, AFPMP was able to spread help to the members who have orderly seek aid by filling-up the charity form provided for them.

By aiming to be of further help, bigger amounts were also sent to foundations Gawad Kalinga Cebu's Roof for Relief and Star Apple Leyte who provided roof reconstruction and small housing constructions respectively to five families each.

You may check the updates of these projects on their following facebook sites:



Voluntary help did not come only in cash/cheques. We have also been offered by Aviation Sans Frontier (ASF) to send in-kind donations to the Philippines without any flight rate. Since then, members and their families, friends and colleagues kept sending used clothes, shoes, bags, toys, and some medical kits. At present, the gathered 67 boxes of around 500 kgs have been delivered to Airbus's delivery center to be sent to some associations in Manila or probably directly in Cebu who will then distribute the items to the typhoon victims.

Again, AFPMP sincerely and whole-heartedly thank each individual - member and non-member, company, and association alike, for all the support and aid that was shared during these difficult times.

The following lists all the financial donations that were received for the typhoon Haiyan :


Capdevielle Constancia 10 €

Laurente Angela 20 €

Evangeline Baudet 30 €


Items sold in the forum 38 €

Langlois Pierre Emmanu 100 €

Anton Georges 30 €

Cash collected by the Consul 60 €


Regis Borra 110 €

Holger Scheuffgen 50 €

Philippe Te 30 €

Michael Edwards 25 €

Navas Alfonso Jorge 75 €

Laurent Saglier 65 €

Caroline Lancine 50 €

Stephane Masselot 50 €


Crisanta Dannelongue 20 €

Alphine Leborgne 20 €

Béatrice Craud 10 €


Rose Russell 10 €

Ety Setianingsih 20 €


Myriam Rostaing 50 €

Gérard Bader 1000 €

Aline Hebrard 10 €


Sarah Risser Maroix 110 €


Galy Serge 30 €

Ragon Rennie 100 €


Sophie Oliver Lasserre 100 €

Anne Lanoix 30 €

Mi Heu 5 €

Monique Thomassin 25 €

Florence Kroell Mollet 20 €

Claudia Muller 20 €

Charles Bensoussan 50 €

Jinnefer Laplace 20 €

Dons des Bouddhister 40 €


Daniele Brunel 50 €

Maika Henke 20 €

Merlita Wadi 20 €

Total amount of cash and cheques : 2393 €

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 January 2014 18:49
Welcome PDF Print E-mail
Written by dominique hebrard   
Sunday, 08 May 2011 12:04

AFPMP The Association is structured and organized over time. This website shows. The association has recently acquired a domain name and a hosting partner.

The site is now in place, it remains to handle the latest development, various improvements, implement the logo and the structural organization of the site.

The platform is stable enough yet to start writing the first articles.

A working meeting will be scheduled to finalize the implementation and train editors and / or voluntary administrators.

In the meantime you are invited to register on the site, gathering story ideas and preparing to put your photos online.

New logo of the association


Last Updated on Sunday, 19 June 2011 14:22

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