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Isinulat ni David BARRIE   
Sabado, 13 Hulyo 2013 08:05
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This year, the members of the association have decided to organise an exhibition of the Philippines' remarkable sites and features as the centre point of the 2013 Independence Day party that was held at the "Palais Consulaire" in the centre of Toulouse.

Apart from our Honorary Consul, Guy-Alain Lafont de Sentenac accompanied with his wife, officials included a member of the Toulouse city council and the new vice-consul at the Philippine Embassy in charge of culture, among other things. Other honorary consuls came to the ceremony as well as people having no direct contact with the association, but willing to know more of the Philippines. New members introduced themselves and we met the first male Filipino representative of the community in the area.

party party


While people enjoyed drinks and Philippine delicacies, they could walk along the photography and visual exhibition that had been set up. Then, the celebration started with a prayer and the national anthem as is always the case. During the event, the members showed several traditional games that are played in the Philippines. Finally, the whole community ended by singing "Bayan Ko", a traditional Philippine song.

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