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Martes, 14 Enero 2014 21:06
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It was lunch time at Au Courtyard by Marriot that the AFPMP held the 2013 edition of its Christmas party. More than 80 adults and children attended the yearly event, among them, not one but two Filipinos. It is a rarity to find Philippine men in the mostly Filipina-dominated organization. Roda Hebrard, the current president of the association, also welcomed 3 newly-wed, Franco-Philippine couples who are newly installed in Midi-Pyrénées.


As always, there were songs performed with or without the accompaniment of the guitar, plus the dance performance in the tune of Dancing Queen by Abba. These performances helped in the livening up of the event. The raffle draw, called Tombola in French, animated by David Barrié, kept the participants excited all throughout the party in the hope that their names would be called up.


The formalities started with the financial & charity status reports of the organization. The group also provided information on the financial aid extended to the Philippines because of the disaster brought about by the typhoon Haiyan, which was considered to be one of the strongest storms that ever hit the world in its recorded history. It was through the generous friends and donors of the association that these projects were made possible.


Honorary Consul, Guy-Alain Lafont de Sentenac, graced the occasion together with his wife. The consul admired the solidarity that was formed between Filipinos and other nations because of the typhoon disaster that struck the Philippines. He also described the Philippine primitive art that existed long before the foreign occupation. This was during an expo that he participated in that was held in Paris. The city of Toulouse contributed a significant amount of financial aid to the Philippines, according to the Consul.




Santa Claus was also present, with his animated hat, giving gifts to the lively children present during the occasion.

Finally, the 3 major prizes were raffled off towards the end of the party.

The list of all prizes, its donors and its winners are the following:


3 Major Prizes:

  1. Custom made women’s coat worth 200€ donated by Jollaine Baldacchino - won by Josie Tiexiera’s colleague Jessica Bègue

  2. Nexus 7 Tablet - Evengeline Blaisel’s sister-in-law Anne Blondeau

  3. Nespresso machine - Jean-Philippe Thomassin’s friend from KTT temple Veronique Morel


Consolation Prizes:

  1. Children's book 1 - Emma Bascoul

  2. Children's book 2 - Hyacinth c/o Nicole Dejean of Virlanie

  3. Children's book 3 - c/o Rowena Perrier

  4. Haircut donated by Heidi Lavergne - Jinnefer Canete

  5. Food basket by Roda Hebrard, solicited from SDP Epicerie - Evangeline Blaisel

  6. Champagne donated by Thelma LeVoir - c/o Kerry Ann Prosper

  7. Frame worth 50€ donated by Luz Martin from her shop Arts & Encadrements - Eric Audet

  8. Pair of Starbucks mugs donated by Cristina Crosland - c/o Kerry Ann Prosper

  9. Electric salt & pepper grinder donated by Jeodima Pelay - Mikkie Berbié

  10. Wallet 1 donated by Heide Garric - c/o Kerry Ann Prosper

  11. Wallet 2 donated by Heide Garric - Mimie Audet

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