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Top of Luzon PDF Print E-mail
Isinulat ni rio sebastian   
Linggo, 21 Oktubre 2012 10:53
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With a towering height of 2,922 meters, Mt. Pulag is Luzon's highest mountain. Located in the Cordillera mountain range of Benguet, it holds the record of being the third highest mountain in the Philippines, with the first two highest being Mt. Apo, and Mt. Dulang-Dulang, which are both located in Mindanao.

To get to Mt. Pulag from Manila, you can take the Victory Liner bus going to Baguio City.  The trip usually lasts for six hours if there is no traffic jam. From Baguio City, take the Norton bus going to Akiki Trail jump-off in Kabayan, Benguet. It will take another six hours to get there from Baguio City. It could be a long and tiring journey, but the spectacular view of the jagged cliffs from the zigzagged roads will make you forget about the passing hours.


Alighting at the Akiki Trail jump-off

Climbing the steep slopes at the jump off in Kabayan, Benguet


After registering at the DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) office, you can begin to trek towards the first camp site beside the Eddet River. Usually, the DENR office will brief you about rules and regulations to follow during the climb, and give one trekking guide for every six persons. The trail is steep and dark and cold. But it is quite pleasant to have to sleep with the soothing sound of the Eddet river.


Crossing the rickety bridge over the turbulent waters of the Eddet River


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Katimugang Leyte: Kaunting katahimikan po! PDF Print E-mail
Isinulat ni David BARRIE   
Linggo, 20 Nobyembre 2011 10:33

Le sud de l'île de Leyte est la dernière frontière des Visayas avant de passer sur la grande île de Mindanao. De ce fait, c'est encore un endroit assez peu fréquenté par les touristes et qui garde son authenticité.


Cependant, de nombreux étrangers viennent s'y installer et l'extrême sud de l'île commence à être envahi de complexes hôteliers, toutefois généralement respectueux de l'esthétique locale.

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Jeepney PDF Print E-mail
Isinulat ni Dominique   
Sabado, 22 Enero 2011 09:22
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Où suis je dans manille ? comment visiter tous les recoins de Manille ?

Les jeepney sont emblématique des Philippines. Fort utiles pour se déplacer dans Manille.

Culture générale

L' incontournable  Wikipédia publie un article au sujet des jeepney, on y apprend que que les premières E-jeepney sont  arrivées à manille mais aussi l'origine de ce nom. Pour voir des jeepney de toutes les couleurs vous pouvez consulter cet article qui présente ces engins sous touts leurs coutures.


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